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"Our staff loved the flavor of your cupcakes! I have to tell you that we've tried many vegan cupcakes from various companies and bakers. Yours is one of the best that we've had. We are so happy to have you featured at this year's After Party."
Yvonne K. Bennett, HumaneSociety

"Stephanie's cupcakes are organic works of art and flavors. Inspired by pure ingredients and whimsical floral adornments, her cupcakes are naturally delicious while inspiring fairy tale states of mind."
Julie Homan, Breast Cancer Foundation

"Your cupcakes were a big hit! Not only was everyone impressed with the flavors, but they were also in love with the ingredients and taste. So good!"
Katrina Jefferson, FabFitFun

"Thank you for your delicious cupcakes. You satisfied my belly and heart."
Christina Billisi Ramos, Mother

"The cupcakes were great! As a company that produces an açaí spirit, we were particularly excited to try an açaí cupcake! They were a hit."
Stephanie Phan, VeeV Spirits

"Stephanie's cupcakes are the only guilty pleasure I don't feel guilty about! Pure, wholesome ingredients like nothing else I've tasted in other cupcakes (which are often over-sweet and full of empty calories...yechk!).  And her presentation...what beautiful, organic works of art! Bright, beautiful compositions of real, juicy fruits, rich natural toppings, and surprisingly edible flowers! Like the finest French chef, Stephanie honors the pure flavors of real, high-quality ingredients: a sumptuous harmony of flavors in perfect balance. MmmmmmMMM! I think I should order some more right away!"
Ben Odell, Writer

"There were some definite standouts in this challenge, one being Stephanie Sparkles, a Venice Beach based cupcake bakery that specializes in natural, organic and even vegan friendly cupcakes. I must say her Acai Jungleberrry Bliss cupcake, changed my mind about vegan cupcakes. I also loved her display."
Mocha Martha, Mocha Martha's Musings

"I've never seen so much dedication being poured so sweetly and graciously into a cupcake. From the wholesomeness of its ingredient to the stunning beautiful flowery final touches and composition. I love this cupcakes, and I love Stephanie's magnificent delivery and new twist on this delicious classic."
Dario, Artist

"I never knew that a cupcake could have dazzle - But Stephanie's cupcakes are truly dazzling! So yummy and delicious with such unique and creative flavors. It's amazing how expressive a cupcake can be. They are little explosions of sensory joy - so cute and artful and tasty and the perfect consistency! Best vegan treats ever!"
Laura Aleo, Illustrator

"Stephanie concocts moist, mouthwatering cupcakes that are really too beautiful to eat. Wildly delicious flavor combinations and textures abound...her creativity is outta this world! Plus, they are made with the finest organic ingredients and lots of LOVE... Oh, and my boyfriend hated mini cupcakes until he tried Stephanie's :)"
Kristen Tedesco, Marketing Consultant

"Stephanie Sparkles' cupcake creations are an explosive feast of the senses.  Adorned with vibrantly hued edible flowers and fresh fruit, it is a joy simply to behold them. Getting closer, the intoxicating aromas of vanilla, matcha and more trigger excitement for what's to come.  And then, as you peel back the paper and sink your teeth in you realize that the gods are clearly working their magic through Stephanie."
Ariane Sims, Lawyer

"On occasion, I'll buy gourmet cupcakes at specialty stores in San Francisco.  I have also bought healthy cupcakes at festivals all over the West coast. Absolutely nothing comes close in comparison to the incredible taste, beautiful presentation and gourmet ingredients of Stephanie Sparkles cupcakes!  They look SO colorful and amazing, you almost don't want to eat them. So much attention is paid to every detail, they are truly a piece of art.  And your taste buds will agree... each one is a true masterpiece. Stephanie Sparkles cupcakes = Serious YUM!"
Wendy Faith Levicoff, Yoga Teacher

"As a vegan eating lady, I was so thrilled to be able to finally eat a cupcake. They were scrumptious and healthy and divine. And served with a lot of love and devotion. Thank you Stephanie."
Maryam Henein, Documentry Film Director & Producer

"A good dose of stylish whimsy can transform the mundane into the magnificent.  And that's exactly what Stephanie Sparkles accomplishes with her creative and fashionable line of aprons.  With its ruched seams, lace straps, and playful prints and pockets, my apron makes me -- a reluctant cook -- want to spend a lot more time feeling fabulous in the kitchen."
Ariane Sims, Lawyer

"Being a man, I wasn't sure about wearing an apron, but Stephanie's stylish, yet 'tough' apron has got me complement after complement. I also realized the brilliance of an apron to protect against a splatter or spill.  When I put it on, I become a master hef and get into the culinary 'zone.' Transforming ordinary ingredients into something delicious and gourmet... and I look good!"
Shaktivan Chamba, Muscian

"I am so in love with my Stephanie Sparkles Apron. The style compliments my figure so well and the color helps me feel radiant while cooking my favorite treats. The fit of the apron is comfortable while also making me feel sexy. Sometimes I wear nothing at all under my apron and it certainly helps motivate my husband to stay in the kitchen and help wash the dishes."
Josephine, Domestic Goddess

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