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BLISS CAKES are gourmet one-of-a-kind mini-cupcakes bursting with fresh fruit, delectable nectars, and succulent fillings!
They are 100% natural, organic, and vegan-friendly.

Each BLISS CAKE is hand-crafted with love, just for you!

Matcha Raspberry Green Tea
Elegant vanilla cake frosted with shade-grown Japanese Matcha, sprinkled with sweet bee pollen, and crowned with a tangy fresh raspberry. Wake up to a timeless tea ceremony! Matcha is a powdered green tea leaf, rich in antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and a unique amino acid that enhances mental focus. Bee pollen is packed with energizing antioxidant vitamins, especially B, C and E.

Luxurious Lavender
Pure vanilla cake, infused with dreamy, sensual lavender. Take a whiff and start to dream…take a bite and LIVE the dream... Lavender is a purifying, anti-inflammatory essential oil, used throughout history for everything from skin balms to dream-enhancing scents.

Acai Jungleberry Bliss
A purple-powered tropical kiss: luscious lemon cake frosted with exotic acai, real blueberries, and fresh fruit. Acai, a wild berry from the rainforests of Brazil, is packed with powerful antioxidants, nourishing amino acids, and essential fatty acids.

Mayan Spice Chocolate
Sweet with a kick of spice! Delicious dark chocolate cake, warmed with a sprinkle of cayenne & chili, and topped with real cocoa-cinnamon frosting. Real spices and cinnamon are more than just flavorful: they're also anti-inflammatory superfoods!

Strawberry Fields
Sweet and tangy! Organic strawberry frosting topped with fresh strawberries, riding on a fluffy cloud of vanilla cake. Try Strawberry Rhubarb Surprise for an extra dimension of flavor!

Long-Life Goji Berry
From ancient Chinese medicine comes the Goji Berry, revered for longevity enhancing nutrients and its chewy citrus berry flavor. This tasty chocolate cake is filled with a heart of real Goji Berry kreme, and capped with fresh coconut frosting.

Cardamom Carrot Cake
Have your cake and eat your veggies too, with this moist, delicately spiced carrot cake! Dolloped with cream cheese frosting and baked with cardamon, cinnamon, pistachios, and raisins. This is not your typical carrot cake.


Tangerine Poppyseed Dream
Unforgettably sweet and citrus-ey! Moist poppy seed cake, sparkling with real tangerine zest, and capped with a juicy tangerine frosting!

Wild Jungle Peanut-Butter Choco Delight
A new twist on a classic flavor: decadent dark chocolate cake, with a gooey heart of real Balinese RAW chocolate, topped off with a frosting of creamy Wild Jungle Peanut-Butter. Wild Jungle Peanuts are pure, heirloom peanuts, loaded with antioxidants, complete protein, and beautifying oleic acid. Because they're grown wild in the Amazon, they help to protect our rainforests!

Tropical Avocado Mango Twist
A fruity, creamy, spicy little mouthful. Mango cake filled with coconut kreme and frosted with buttery avocados, mangos, and a dash of chili for some tropical heat.

Deep Dive Chocolate
Perfectly bite-sized dark chocolate decadence! These rich and creamy beauties consist of moist chocolate cake frosted with luscious real caramel chocolate ganache.

Ginger Chai Spice
Like a creamy mug of zesty chai tea: warm and comforting. Fresh ginger cake awakened by a creamy frosting with a dash of Indian chai spice. 

Sweet Picnic Chevre
Fluffy vanilla cake, enlivened with a luscious fig preserve, swirled with a creamy goat cheese frosting, and crowned with fresh-sliced pear. Rich and refreshing: perfect for a picnic!

Coconut Bliss™ Cakes
Fluffy, moist, cool, and creamy! Your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake filled with your favorite flavor of Coconut Bliss dairy-free ice cream. Topped with your choice of chocolate or vanilla frosting.


These liquor infused bliss cakes are perfect for adults but make you feel like a kid at heart.

Margarita Bliss Kiss
Behold the perfect balance of sweet and salty: a tequila-infused all-natural coconut creme cake crowned with a zesty, lightly salted lime frosting. Muy bonita!

Chocolate Kahlua Creme
Creamy, moist and decadent, this scrumptious, organic coffee-chocolate cake topped with rich Kahlua-infused frosting reinvents the coffee cocktail. Why sip on Kahlua and coffee when it can melt in your mouth?

Perfect Piña Colada
A sweet little cake with a tropical twist! Enjoy a mouthful of this rich rum-infused cake covered with mouth-watering organic pineapple/coconut frosting. No straws needed!

Mmmm Mint Mojito
Luxurious lime-mint organic cake laced with dark rum and topped with a zesty, all-natural lime-rum frosting. Garnished with fresh lime & mint, just like your favorite Cuban cocktail.


Strawberry Champagne
A scrumptious new spin on the famous pairing: sweet champagne cake smothered with organic strawberry champagne frosting. Cheers!


Zippy, moist and sweet, with a touch of tartness. This top shelf treat achieves the perfect balance of alcohol and sweetness with an all natural cranberry/lime/orange cake infused with triple sec and vodka, and crowned with creamy, organic orange frosting.

Bombay Lemon Love
Gin lovers' delight! Light organic lemon cake infused with Bombay Sapphire gin, polished off with an all-natural lemon-lime frosting and a little extra love.

♥Cupcakes & Aprons made with LOVE in California By Stephanie Sparkles♥
© Copyright Stephanie Neuringer. All Rights Reserved.