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about stephanie sparkles

Everything I do comes from a simple motto: "Follow Your Heart."

After a successful career doing animation and graphic design for big companies, I discovered that my real passion was personal: my heart was truly fulfilled when I was baking healthy gourmet treats for friends and family, or sewing them unique clothing that was fun and functional. The rest is history.

My gourmet organic cupcakes kept getting rave reviews, and friends started requesting them for birthdays and baby showers! Now I produce dozens, even hundreds of these all-natural edible artworks for everything from corporate events to weddings and kid's parties!

I'm proud to be the winner of the very first all-vegan episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. I sparkled the judge's taste buds with my exotic, fresh flavors and created a stunning eco display for the Los Angeles Green Festival to win the competition against 3 other top cupcake makers. It's a huge accomplishment early in my baking career.

People tell me all sorts of reasons they love my cupcakes -- the fresh, all-natural ingredients, the exotic flavors, the beautiful presentation -- but I know it all comes down to one thing. Love. Every single cupcake is hand-crafted with joy and love. Even with all the time I spend in the kitchen, I couldn't escape my passion for fashion: I decided to keep things fun by designing a spicy new apron for myself. Just like my cupcakes, my apron designs were a hit, so I kept making more, and now they're available here on my site!

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